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With a proven long term strategy and 12 months of content post prompts planned out for you, you’ll never have to worry about what to post next. When used correctly, this content calendar will save you hours of time and stress.

This calendar tells you exactly what to post each day.

Some of the post ideas may not be applicable to you or relevant to your audience. Which is why we have provided extra content in each list to choose from.

Please remember, you may choose to follow this calendar 100% or make changes along the way.

For using this Social Media Content Calendar and to get the most out of it, read through the following guidelines in detail.

Here is the quick breakdown of the key post ideas as they form the foundation for this calendar. The post ideas are broken down into four major categories with subcategories in each of these categories.

Each of these major categories is color-coded for your convenience, allowing you to easily recognize them.

These categories with subcategories are spread all over the months. Each day, you have one primary post idea (the one with white background) and you also have a second post idea (the one with grey background), so you can choose what suits you more.

Subcategories of Curated Content and Conversation Starters have been supported by a list of content ideas in different worksheets.

Content ideas are not provided for Promotional Posts and Brand Content, instead, guidelines or examples are provided to support these post ideas. Because that will be purely related to your business and based on your own preferences.

For quick navigation, a link is included within each subcategory in the calendar which if you click shall directly take you the respective list.

For example, “This or That” is a subcategory of “Conversation Starters”, the link will lead to the worksheet consisting of a curated list of content ideas to choose from.

Some of the important Global Observance Days are included throughout the Calendar. Country specific list of Holidays / Observance Days for US, UK, Ireland. Australia, and New Zealand are provided separately.